Around the Diaspora May 2017

Somali Canadian named the Minister of Immigration

Minister Ahmed Hussein is now in charge of the same government agency that sponsored him back in 1993 when he migrated to Canada from Somalia. In 2015, Hussein made history by being the first Somali elected to Canadian parliament and one year later, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Ahmed Hussein to lead the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship. Ahmed will take over a ministry that plans to accept 400,000 new immigrants in 2017.


British Somali Teenager Earns Full Scholarship to an Elite Boarding School in Berkshire, UK.

Ahmed Roble, a Dutch Born, English educated youngster not only scored high on the GCSE but had to go through rigorous interviews to land a full scholarship with one of the most elite boarding schools in the world. Roble is one of nine students to win full scholarship to Eton College, a historical institution founded in 1440. Roble will be following in the footsteps of 19 prime ministers of England as well as Prince Harry and Prince Williams.


Students from Masjid Abu Bakr al Siddique Dominate Quran Competition in Chicago

Out of the 19 winners at the annual Islamic convention, 15 were Somali American Teens from the twin cities.  The contest organized by Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America is considered one of the largest Islamic conventions in North America. Ahmed Mohamed, a 15 year old from the Minneapolis won first place overall. What is even more impressive is that the boys and girls won every possible contest held during the two day event in Chicago. The convention attracts over 15,000 attendees annually and the Quran memorization competition had 400 contestants.

Ahmed Ali, Eastern Florida State College Basketball Player, Gets Offers From Division 1

Also known as Mr. 103, after scoring 103 points in a single high school game in Ontario Canada, Ahmed Ali has been the leading scorer on his junior NCAA team and is now attracting offers from division 1 programs. Ali averages 19.2 points per game, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. After being passed on by many schools for his lack of height and muscle mass, Ahmed is determined to prove everyone wrong. So far, Ahmed has only managed to grab the attention of Troy university but is optimistic that many more will follow.

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